Vanesa Romero

Vanesa Romero is exactly the type of girl that could make men do just about anything. If she told me to jump off of a bridge, not only would I would do it, but I’d do a triple backflip off of it naked just to impress her. Not that I think that’s the type of thing that would impress a girl like her, she probably wouldn’t even want to watch something so bizarre, but that’s how dedicated I am.

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  1. 10-16-2009 at 7:32 pm
    The Afternoon Dump: NBA Allows Traveling, Athletes Who Killed Legacies, Insane Penalty Shot, Sex Excuse Bingo, Baby Survives Train Hit, Hot Reporter Marisol Gonzales, & Vanessa Romero Makes A Guy Do Whatever She Wants « Busted Coverage: Booze, L

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