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I promise this post isn’t about Breaking Bad. There are people who are still reeling from that ending and, quite frankly, there are others who are quite sick of talking about the series. I only mention BB because of the name of this product. The Tortuga Travel Backpack is designed for travelers who want a ton of space without the bulkiness or discomfort of hiking bags or roll aboard luggages. With a front opening flap, the bag gives you access to the contents without having to unravel all of its contents. Apart from the padded shoulder straps, the Tortuga comes with a padded hip belt to take some of the load off your shoulders. In Spanish, ‘tortuga’ means ‘tortoise’ and we all know that that creature is a master of packing. After all, it brings its own house with him and that’s somewhat the idea for this bag. You can bring as much stuff as you can fit within it and still be comfortable in your journey. Incidentally, the BB connect here is from one of the antagonists in the series. Unfortunately for that Tortuga, he won’t be traveling anytime soon. $200.

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