Top 5 Best Drinking Games: For Bored Drunks

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Some people need a little bit of inspiration and a kick start to get them drinking. That is why god, or somebody else, probably drunk at the time, invented drinking games. Drinking games are a great way to blend everyone’s favorite past time with forced coed social situations and rowdiness. Yes we know that sounds like a normal party but these tried and true classics have a method to the madness. Here we go with the first on our list.

5. Beer Pong

This one is a classic. All you need is some dixie cups, some ping pong balls and some beer. The better you are at beer pong, the less you drink, so if you aren’t drunk enough, grab a reserve to drink between tosses, or just throw the game. The best part of beer pong is having a female partner, which can very easily take you on the train to hook up town if you play it right. If not, girls are notorious for “distractions” during beer pong, so stay alert and you might catch an eyeful.

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4. [email protected]$hole

With a name so bad it’s gotta be good is the motto of this one. This one is the only one on the list to feature true democracy in it’s drunkenness. Ranks go from President, Vice-President, Secretary and [email protected]#hole, in this modified card game that forces the players to drink. You can check out the official rules for yourself, but don’t worry, they sound a lot harder than they realer are.

3. Flip Cup

This one requires an open space and a long table, again some dixie cups and a whole lot of beer. Two teams line up on each side of the table and each person begins with a full cup of beer in front of them. The first person in line chugs their beer as fast as possible, and then places the cup upside down on the lip of the table with a little bit hanging off. They then try to flip the cup until it stands upright again and upon completion it is the next peron in line’s turn. First to team to finish their beers and flip their cups wins.

2. Quarters

Quarters is probably the simplest game on the list, but it also is the one that requires the most skill to become victorious. A glass is set on the table and filled partway with beer (not too much to start). Players have to take a quarter and bounce it off the table and into the glass. A missed shot goes to the next player. If the quarter goes in the cup more beer is added before the next shot, and keeps being added for every made shot until someone misses, who then has to drink all the beer, with quarters still in the cup. Experienced players can really screw with their friends if they know what they are doing.

1. Drink as many beers as you can as fast as humanly possible.

My favorite drinking game also happens to be the easiest and with the least amount of rules. All that’s involved is you and enough beer to take down an elephant. Simply drink everything in sight, whether it be your beer, a glass that someone set down on the table for a second, straight from the keg, hell, drink your beers two at a time if you can. A great trick is to tell someone that you want to show them a magic trick, and have them give you their beer for a second. Pound it ferociously in front of them and say, “I made it disappear, ta-dah!” The best part about this game is you can never lose, and when you win, you get the best prize, another beer.

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  1. 06-30-2009 at 10:57 am

    Nice list! Kings, beer bong, and Boiler Pong are big here too.

  2. 10-06-2009 at 9:29 am
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