Top 10 Items of the Week 02/11/2012

This week, it rained with lots of great items that range from shoes, glasses, apps, bicyles and so many others. Out of these great items, here are the Top 10 Items for this week, including a Valentine’s App. Enjoy.

  • 10.) South Park Marc Jacobs T-Shirts
  • 9.) The World of Charles Dickens
  • 8.)Rite in the Rain All Weather Pocket Journa
  • 7.) 9five 2three Sunglasses
  • 6.) Gerber Venture Knife
  • 5.) Ernest Alexander Denim Shirts
  • 4.) Ultimate Rechargeable Heated Gloves
  • 3.) Misericordia x Abici Bicycles
  • 2.) Nixon Coolpix S93001
  • 1.) Kiss My Valentine

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