Top 10 Best Girls of 2013

We made a good run of gorgeous girls featured in our pages this year. To sum up all our steamy encounters with them, we give you our list of Top 10 Best Girls of 2013. The girls in our list made big news and stayed in our hearts to this date. Check all the hot girls right after the break.

  • 10) Lara Alvarez – The Spanish Sweetheart
  • 9) Tanit Phoenix – The Bombshell from South Africa
  • 8) Alexis Ren – The Tumblr Crush
  • 7) Cristy Nicole Deweese – The Uber-Hot Spanish Teacher
  • 6) Kat Torres – The “Girlfriend” of Leonardo de Caprio?
  • 5) Lily Aldridge – Always an Angel
  • 4) Miranda Kerr – She broke up with Orlando Bloom this year.
  • 3) Lindsay Ellingson – She’s engaged to Sean Clayton this year.
  • 2) Erin Heatherton – She’s gaining more popularity.
  • 1) Jennifer Lawrence – She’s Catching Fire!

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