Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne takes the spotlight as she continues to showcase her sheer talent, beauty, and appeal. This English runway model is surely one of the most gorgeous models of her generation. Sweet, lovely, elegant, beautiful. These are some of the words that come to mind […]

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Michelle Buswell

Michelle Buswell It would be impossible for us to fit all this hottie’s achievements in just a few sentences. So just to give us an idea of who she is, Michelle Buswell is a successful American model who has appeared in various magazines including Vogue […]

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Dewi Driegen

Dewi Driegen Dewi Driegen is one sweet, gorgeous, and hot Dutch model you should know. She has been in the business for more than a decade now, starting when she was just 18. She has appeared in various fashion shows like Victoria’s Secret and fashion […]

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Xenia Deli

Xenia Deli is surely the next big thing for Victoria’s Secret. This sweet-looking, charming, and pretty fashion model from Moldova is simply irresistible. She’s got just the right amount of hotness and sexiness that leaves one drooling and sweating. And you’ll feel just that as […]

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Anna De Rijk

Anna De Rijk Anna De Rijk is not just hot, sexy, and gorgeous. What makes this chic more attractive and stunning are her charm and cuteness. She is Dutch by the way, a factor that adds up to her unique beauty. Just for some profile […]

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Daniela Braga

Daniela Braga Daniela Braga is another dead-drop sexy hottie from Brazil whom you should know. You’ll surely find her irresistible and mouth-watering, much more when she’s wearing sexy lingerie outfits. Oh, such a drool-inducing sight she is! Just check these new photos of her and […]

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Alejandra Alonso

Alejandra Alonso There are surely lots of Spanish hotties out there. But this babe is beyond hot and gorgeous. And she comes by the name Alejandra Alonso. This hottie is famous for her affiliations with Victoria’s Secret, Armani Exchange, D&G, Chanel, among others. So much […]

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Frida Gustavsson

Frida Gustavsson There’s one hot Swedish model you should know. And she comes by the name Frida Gustavsson. Oh, even her name sounds sexy. She is known for her appearance in the newest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. To be specific, she was one of the […]

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Clara Alonso

Clara Alonso Clara Alonso holds the record of being the first Spanish model to be included in the roster of models to have walked in Victoria’s Secret fashion show after almost a decade. This Spanish hottie is also famous for endorsing GUESS among other fashion […]

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Emanuela de Paula

Emanuela de Paula Emanuela de Paula is back with new set of photos. And man, she sizzles. She’s one of our favorite Brazilian fashion models especially because of her stunning works in Victoria’s Secret. She really has a hot figure and oozing sex appeal especially […]

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