Mirela Mendoza

Venezuela is the home of many hot girls, which include the actress Mirela Mendoza. She is the star of many soap operas since 1998. Aside from her acting talents, Mirela also has a very wonderful voice. Her beauty is a perfect package of right harmony […]

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Patricia Velasquez

Latina girls satisfy us with their showcase of beauty and sexiness, much more when we have Patricia Velasquez. The thirty-nine year old Venezuelan actress and fashion model has undying beauty and charm. We all knew her in the best selling 1999 film The Mummy, and […]

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Top Venezuelan Girls

If hot had a name it would be Venezuelan. These South American Hotties are some of the most beautiful babes in the world and we have collected several of these chicks. One look will leave you standing in a pool of your own drool. Check […]

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