Hitomi Aizawa

How could we forget about a girl if she’s so irresistible and cute, especially with the likes of Hitomi Aizawa. Aside from having a stunning physique, she was also blessed with exceptional talents. No wonder this innocent-looking hottie was noted as one of the top […]

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Ju Da Ha

Ju Da Ha is a popular and hot race queen, model from South Korea. She’s well known for her sweet smile and that long legs, not to mention her hourglass figure. Ju Da Ha has been on a slew of Korean car shows along with […]

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Jin Mei Xin

Jin Mei Xin is a pretty and rare Chinese model and race queen. I know, I know, that we already featured her like months ago, but these photoshots are amazing that’s why i can’t help myself to feature here again here in FratFury. For those […]

Heo Yun Mi

Heo Yun Mi AKA Heo Yoon Mi is a cute model, and race queen from Korea. She has beautiful skin and probably one of the most beautiful Asian I have seen so far. Her smile is sweet as a honey and has a smokin’ hot […]

Lee Ji Woo

Le Ji Woo is yet another stunning and sensational race queen in Korea. She’s so beautiful and sexy, you can’t help but wonder how on earth can someone be as beautiful as her. She has that angelic face that can tame even the wildest beast, […]

Sayaka Ando

Sayaka Ando is here to set our site on fire, not literally though. She’s hot and that’s undeniable, with that yummy melons and that thong-tastic ass. She truly is a valuable gem in Japan. For those, who don’t know her, Sayako Ando is a Japanese […]

Akane Souma

Akane Souma is a hot Japanese you don’t want to miss. Born on the 8th of September 1975, this Fukoakan native is one of the most famous race queens in Japan. No brainer there, for she has this killer look, and those perfectly toned long […]

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Miho Yoshioko

Miho Yoshioko, might not be as famous as the others, but she has the qualities to be the next big thing in Japan. She hails from East Osaka, Japan and is known as an aspiring actress, race queen, and model. She is a true Asian […]

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Chiaki Yoshida

Chiaki Yoshida is one of the most popular Race Queen in Japan. She’s sexy and has the right attitude to make it big as a model. Long Legs, pretty face, a perfect 35-22-35 figure. What more can we ask for?

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Kang Yui

Kang Yui is way too hot in these photos and no one can deny it. Also known as Kang Yoo Lee this hottie was born in Korea and a famous model and race queen. She might not be the most famous race queen, but she’s […]

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