Debbie Boyde

Debbie Boyde caught our attention recently when her photos were circulated on Facebook. We had this sudden crush and urge to know her more. We found out that she’s an Australian model, an adult model in particular. She had previous projects with Playboy. Debbie’s slim, […]

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Cristy Nicole Deweese

If you have a hot Spanish teacher like the 21-year-old Cristy Nicole Deweese, what would you do? I bet you will come to class more often. That’s the case for the boys in the high school class in Dallas where Cristy was teaching. However, their […]

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Vanessa Jay

To the shock of nobody, Vanessa Jay is a pretty common name. Either Vanessa or Jay, or any combination of both is one of the most used names in the history of ever. But this Vanessa Jay is special. The towering glamour model from London […]

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Alison Waite

You’ve probably seen Alison Waite before because she’s one of the babes holding cases for Deal or No Deal. You’d think that she’s all beauty but you can’t be more wrong because Alison has a Master’s Degree. Doesn’t really matter what major she took because […]

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Nikki Nyers

The way to Nikki Nyers’ heart is to have a great sense of humor. This sexy 24 year old American model was born in New York and was raised in California. Throughout her childhood and high school years, she showed passion for performing and dancing. […]

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Jessa Hinton

Jessa Hinton is a 26-year old American model and host. She has once been Playboy Playmate of the Year. She is also a host for Top Rank Boxing and Victory Poker. As a professional model, she has posed for different genres like fashion, fitness, swimwear, […]

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Taya Parker

Here’s Taya Parker to show us her best assets and give us some proof why it’s a no-brainer that she was chosen as the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2009 and was featured in their January 2009 issue. Considering that she’s not just a beauty […]

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Tyran Richard

Looking for a girl with class? Then, you’ve come to the right place because we have just spotted this Louisianan hottie, who’s loaded with best assets that can stir your mind into dreaming even while you’re still awake. Yes, we’re talking about Tyran Richard, a […]

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Brittany Barbour

Beautiful, hot and stunning are just few words that most of us use to describe California girls, and that includes Brittany Barbour. This blonde hottie loves cooking and traveling a lot. She may be busy but she intends to get enough sleep, never miss a […]

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Amanda Corey

Some girls do believe in the saying “what’s the beauty if your brain is empty” and that includes Amanda Corey. She has proven herself to be not just attractive and beautiful but also smart and wise when she won in the season 5 of the […]

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