Pernod Absinthe

Keep your party going with this recently legalized liquor, Pernod Absinthe ($70). Known as the “green fairy”, Pernod Absinthe stays true to its original taste, offering quality ingredients, a light green hue, balanced taste, and a high alcohol content. $70.

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Minden Master Range-Top Indoor Grill

One of the worst parts of the winter months is that its too cold to go out and grill comfortably. Well, why not grill inside then? It’s perfectly possible with the Minden Master Range-Top Indoor Grill. It works on any gas stove and will give […]

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World’s Strongest Mixed Drink: Aunt Roberta

Jungle Juice not doing the trick at your latest party? Well this one probably isn’t quite as cheap to make as everyone’s favorite “get as hammered as you can as fast as you can” bowl of punch, but it makes it look like an O’douls. […]

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