Ethanol Molecule Flask

The Ethanol Molecule Flask is a stainless steel flask made to celebrate the realization of organic chemistry in our lives and the discovery of sugar fermentation into ethanol. Adorned with an ethanol molecule in its surface, the ethanol molecule flask is the right container of […]

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The 8 Most Annoying People at the Party

1. The Friend of the Girl You Want to Bone Also known as the C**kblocker, this girl will not let you get a moment alone with your target no matter how bad she actually wants to be alone with you. How fun can it be […]

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Making Drinking More Fun with 6 Pack Sunday

I want to first off thank my friend over at Spewf, for an idea I wish I could call my own. The concept is simple, get a group of 6 people together and get each one to bring a 6 pack of a premium beer. […]

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Top 5 Best Drinking Games: For Bored Drunks

Some people need a little bit of inspiration and a kick start to get them drinking. That is why god, or somebody else, probably drunk at the time, invented drinking games. Drinking games are a great way to blend everyone’s favorite past time with forced […]

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