Regular Maxim website visitors will probably recognize this stunning babe straight from Las Vegas, Miss Ysania. She was featured as one of their Holiday Hotties in Volume 2 and 3. If not in front of the camera, it’s hard to catch this hottie at home […]

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Morena Verastegui

Going on a nice trip or staying at home? I would rather choose to stay at home and have a simple treat if it’s with this smoking hot babe, Morena Verastegui. Catch her on a tournament which will be held on January 19 in Las […]

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Angelina Christina

Why make things so complicated if all you’ve got to do is find a girl who has the same taste as you? It takes a while to find one, but for now, you can satisfy your eyes with those beautiful girls with the likes of […]

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Ayaka Noda

If you prefer a sweet and innocent-looking girl, then this next hottie will surely pass your taste. Here’s Ayaka Noda, a well-known gravure idol in Japan. She had her break after gaining a runner-up position in the 2008 Miss FLASH gravure contest and was credited […]

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Nina Mascunana

Do you believe in the phrase ‘love your job, and you’ll become very successful’? Obviously, if you’ll ask this hottie, her answer will be yes, and her favorite part about modeling was the fact that she can travel a lot. Posing next to the car […]

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Leah Dizon

Who wouldn’t want to give and receive a nice treat for a very special occasion like Christmas? If it’s the lovely Leah Dizon who’s knocking at my front door, then I don’t mind if there’s no gift at all. Seeing her in the flesh would […]

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Elody Gamarra

Just by looking at her captivating eyes and kissable lips, you’ll know why Elody Gamarra was chosen as the winner of the Most Beautiful Latina pageant, which was held in Las Vegas. This hottie has her own way of maintaining her alluring body, and that […]

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Natalia Siwiec

Since she has become more in demand, we’re bringing her back before the year ends, here’s Natalia Siwiec, back to quench your thirst for more. The Polish model with brown hair that matches her green captivating eyes has another gallery. Hmmm, just the thought of […]

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Wanessa Mattos

Every one of us will look at a girl in a different way. Some would admire a girl for her gorgeous body, while others will prefer beauty and curves. But isn’t way cooler if a woman has everything that we want? Take for example, Wanessa […]

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Casie Kimball

It’s rare for a girl to do extreme sports such as water skiing, mountain biking, surfing, wake boarding and bungee jumping. But all of those activities were just a piece of cake for Casie Kimball. That’s right, she has an active lifestyle and career. Aside […]

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