Misa Campo

The 26-year-old Misa Campo is back for the third time with lots of surprises to offer. This hybrid chick of Filipino, Canadian, Spanish, and Japanese descent is already a worldwide phenomenon. It’s been almost seven years since her debut on the Internet, yet we still […]

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Dana Stuce

Dana Stuce is one the many Latvian models that’s stirring up the fashion industry recently. Many Latvian girls hired by agencies have proven to be very good models of almost any type of clothing. The 23-year-old hottie might be just a starter, but look at […]

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Alexis Ren

Many have gone loco over the young and luscious Alexis Ren. She’s an American model from Los Angeles, California, who is currently signed by Nous Models. She’s a rising star in the modeling industry, but still on her way to her dream job of becoming […]

Top 10 Victoria’s Secret Models in Bed

According to a study, next to girls wearing towels, seeing a photo of a girl in bed is the second most appealing to the eyes of men. Do you think it’s true? For that reason, we gathered this list of Top 10 Victoria’s Secret Models […]

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Vanessa Huppenkothen

The 27-year-old Vanessa Huppenkothen is a popular model and TV sportscaster in Mexico. In 2007, she joined the Miss Mexico beauty pageant by representing Mexico City but the crown wasn’t meant for her. This didn’t stop Vanessa but it opened a new career in modeling […]

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Alejandra Serje

The captivating beauty of Colombian model and reality TV actress Alejandra Serje has finally come to the Frat House. A special feature for this gorgeous chick whose photos have come out of nowhere in a social site. Looking at Alejandra’s enticing curves makes refusing not […]

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Lis Henao

You don’t need to study Spanish to understand Lis Henao. You’ll be speechless anyway with her presence. This gorgeous Colombian model is hard to flatter with just words. Better give her a cartoon character stuffed toy like that of the Despicable Me 2 minions because […]

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Hannah Davis

It might be a good year for Hannah Davis this 2013 because she’s the “talk of the town” around the Internet and forums right now, after she was seen in a commercial as the DirectTV Genie. This green-eyed model will also make her debut for […]

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Sahar Khadjenoury

Just because we don’t want you to become uninterested and get bored on our list of beautiful girls, we would like you to meet this stunning babe straight from Utah – Sahar Khadjenoury. Aside from having an exotic combination of Native American and Iranian beauty, […]

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Tanit Phoenix

After a long time of waiting, the stunningly beautiful Tanit Phoenix is finally back and this time, she’ll entertain us with action scenes in the movie “Death Race: Inferno”. Before she landed on acting job, Tanit is a model and was spotted in the streets […]

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