Sydney Barlette

Sydney, Australia has a lot of beautiful museums and tourist spots to visit, but the Sydney that we will present to you once again is somebody with a lot to offer. She’s got the looks and amazing body that can make your eyes filled with […]

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Angelina Christina

Why make things so complicated if all you’ve got to do is find a girl who has the same taste as you? It takes a while to find one, but for now, you can satisfy your eyes with those beautiful girls with the likes of […]

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Alice Greczyn

You must have seen this young chick in the movies. Alice Greczyn is a model and actress. She has a European and Asian ancestries, which explains her unique beauty. She started her acting career in the movie Sleepover. Since then, she has been into other […]

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Victoria Moore

Poker and girls are two things that can really get a guy’s attention, and if you combine those two you’ll get this hot Victory Poker model, Victoria Moore. Aside from the online poker site, she also appeared in Maxim and Playboy. One of the most […]

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Meredith Parker

Some girls say they prefer a tall, dark and handsome guy but how about us? Do you prefer a tall girl as well? If you do, then today’s your lucky day because Meredith Parker is here in Frat to quench your thirst for long-legged girls. […]

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Sarah Desmarais

Spending hours in the gym, making sure that she always looks nice and having a sexy tan skin, that is the routine that Sarah Desmarais keeps in mind just to maintain her absolutely stunning body and beauty. This hottie from Oxford, Massachusetts is a working […]

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Alina Vacariu

Alina Vacariu was known for her well-proportioned body and beautiful face, she certainly looks elegant in everything she wears, even if it’s just a lingerie. In 1998, she holds the title “Model of the Year”, and her face was in almost every magazine including Maxim […]

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Kenda Perez

Kenda Perez is the type of girl from Laguna Beach that could actually make me want to watch that god awful without the volume turned off. To me she just seems so much more authentic than most of the other girls from that area and […]

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