Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has always been one of our favorite babes. So you can just imagine our excitement and elation when we found out that she’s back with a new lingerie photo shoot. It is for a lingerie collection from Autograph. And as already expected of […]

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Rocio Guirao Diaz

There’s nothing better than to start everything right. Whether it’s the day, the week, month or year, a great start could mean a great finish. And that’s how Rocio Guirao Diaz sees things. We haven’t hosted this hottie in the Frat House for quite a […]

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Simona Starkute

“Can you see that star? It’s like you, a sparkling cutie.” That would be our pick-up line for Simona Starkute. Thanks to her last name, we had that idea. Simona is a Lithuanian fashion model who became popular for her lingerie shoots. Not only that, […]

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Jenna Pietersen

It seems that we can’t get enough of the sexy Jenna Pietersen. After a year, we have her back to give you fresh attractions that only this gorgeous South African lingerie model can offer. We updated the following gallery into a comprehensive display that would […]

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Johanna Lundback

She’s back and she’s bringing along her particular flavor of sexiness. We’ve seen plenty of Johanna Lundback and her impressive photos and we’re glad to see more right now. The latest campaign for Nelly showcases the best of what Johanna has to offer. You’d think […]

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Alyssah Ali

The hauntingly beautiful and unique look of Alyssah Ali is the wonderful combination of Indian and Spanish ancestries. How she evaded our radars for so long escapes me, but we’re making amends right now. This wonderful woman demands all of our attention, like honor and […]

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Stephanie van Arendonk

No matter how busy you are right now, you’ll surely pause from what it is you’re doing once you witness the hotness of this next model. Stephanie van Arendonk is a sexy Dutch fashion model working under Paparazzi Models as well as Viva Models of […]

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Deborah Mace

Girls on bikinis are the hottest, especially if they are as hot and as beautiful as Deborah Mace. From her recent Twitter activity, it seems like this French model enjoyed her first trip to Los Angeles. She even found the time to thank Virgin America […]

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Natalia Belova

Whether she walks on one of the runway shows or poses for a magazine, Natalia Belova always wears the same hotness and attractiveness. Such traits are already natural in her. This Russian fashion model can wear any outfit and make it look really glamorous, enticing, […]

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Suzana Horvat

Lingerie girls are always gorgeous and hot. And they’ve got the perfect figure. Just the right amount of hotness and sexiness that can make men perspire and drool. Suzana Horvat is more than just hot and sexy. She has the face that can make one […]

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