Rosanna Davison

A beautiful girl could make you feel dizzy, and this Irish babe can prove that statement is true. Rosanna Davison is beautiful inside and out, in fact; she graduated with a degree in Sociology and Art History and was labeled as the first Irish crowned […]

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Alicia Whitten

Can you guess Alicia Whitten’s exact lineage? Hard to tell just by her looks, but she runs the whole gamut of beautiful bloodlines. For starters, she’s of Vietnamese, German, French, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and American Indian. That’s just as far as she can remember, […]

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Katherine Rose

Just like her name, Katherine Rose’s stunning beauty can be compared to a hybrid tea rose, which is the most popular rose in the world. She’s got an exotic mixture of Native American, Dutch and Irish ancestries. If you’re in the US and you travel […]

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Georgia Salpa

What’s better than seeing this stunning Irish model in a sexy lingerie? Not that you won’t be able to figure it out on your own, but Georgia Salpa is an absolute hottie. She’s like a detonator that can make you explode just by looking at […]

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Brittany Dailey

Just exactly how you love hip-hop music for their crazy unique beats, you’ll also love those hip-hop models for having a rocking body, and that includes Brittany Dailey. She’s got a unique combination of Apache, Black and Irish beauties, which may be the main reason […]

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Amanda Kay

Although she doesn’t have a broad experience, this petite yet busty (D Cup) babe shows a promising career in the modeling world. Her name by the way, is Amanda Kay. She’s just 19 years old, but she already has a beautiful and well-proportioned body. One […]

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Jennifer Walcott

Who would have thought that just by attending a party you’ll become famous and will be seen in a magazine? Yes, you heard me right, and I know Jennifer Walcott would also agree. Because she just attended in a Playboy party as a make-up artist […]

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Carolina Spidel

As an addition to our list of mixed beauty models, here’s Carolina Spidel. She’s of Polish, German, Irish, Italian, and Native American ancestry. This hottie was born in Indiana, but they moved to Orlando, Florida when she was around 3 years old. She only stands […]

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Veronica Lavery

With her Polish, Slovak and Irish beauty, there’s no doubt why Veronica Lavery has become famous in no time. This hottie was born and raised in Czech Republic. At the age of 18, they moved to California, and she started to pursue a career in […]

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Kaya Danielle

A mixed of French and Irish, Kaya Danielle or KD is one fine young lady who got a Devine beauty and glorious assets. Whether you look at her from the front or behind, this girl got the stuff to make you pumped up. Although Kaya […]

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