Alicia Whitten

Can you guess Alicia Whitten’s exact lineage? Hard to tell just by her looks, but she runs the whole gamut of beautiful bloodlines. For starters, she’s of Vietnamese, German, French, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and American Indian. That’s just as far as she can remember, […]

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Kim Lee

Born to a mixed French and Vietnamese parents in Orange County, Kim Lee has always been an achiever. This hottie, despite competing with some other gorgeous girls, she has made her debut the same year she was discovered. Kim Lee has appeared in numerous magazines […]

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Corissa Furr

Her exceptional beauty, absolutely fine body and down to earth attitude has kept Corissa Furr in demand both in the realm of men’s magazines and import modeling. Hailing from Maryland and currently living in California, this gorgeous hottie has a vast experience when it comes […]

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Natasha Yi

Here’s another gallery of Korean-American Natasha Yi. You’re seen her before, so there’s no point of listing any of her work (which you may, or may not have seen). It’s just stupid to keep on repeating something over and over again so just enjoy what […]

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Alexia Lei

Some beverages taste good and refreshing on its own, but some may taste better when they are mixed with other drinks. Same goes with the girls from different countries. They all have their own style, distinct beauty and individual character. However, in the modeling world, […]

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Erika Medina

When it comes to the point that you will have to choose which model have the best body and beauty, it’s really hard to pick only one. But one thing is for sure, those who have a unique beauty, good personality and someone who can […]

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Amaya Miu

A lot of you would agree that when it comes to beauty girls with mixed ethnicity are quite extraordinary. And to support that theory, we present you one of the finest and newest import models from the US. Half-Filipina and Half-Swedish, Amaya Miu will flaunt […]

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Mercedes Terrell

What do you expect from a girl with a unique ethnic background of Sicilian and Mexican? Of course, you’ve imagined it to be gorgeous, but Mercedes Terrell is more than what you’ve expected. She has an irresistible beauty and smoking-hot body, added to that is […]

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Tracy Nova

Tracy Nova is one of those hot little Filipina Chicks we love so much. Supposedly she spends more time on Myspace, email and texting then she does modeling because this chick is really popular. She spends most of her modeling career doing import model shoots, […]

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Natasha Yi

Natashi Yi is one hot Korean Model, and don’t take it just from me. She has a resume that will prove it. From Mariott, Pepsi, Sony, SBC, Nokia, Timberland, FHM, Playboy, Maxim, etc., this cute little cookie has been all around. She also had minor […]

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