Doublestar Zombie X Chainsaw Rail Attachment

It’s a no-brainer that shooting a zombie at point-blank range is the best way to kill the undead. But what if it’s a horde of zombies? Sure, gunning them down is one way to finish them off, but we are violating one rule to surviving […]

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Xploderz Water Pellet Guns

Looking for a water gun to fire Orbeez pellets? What you need is the Xploderz Water Pellet Gun. It looks so cool and unlike paintball guns, these guns are not messy and won’t make anyone too dirty. But you’ll get the same satisfaction as from […]

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G-mate Gun Overlord

G-mate Gun Overlord magnetic dynamic gun is absolutely new design patented with brand new position-setting technology of self-developed, real-shooting posture, no need to seize the battle with keyboard and mouse. Being a plug-and-play device, all you need to do is plug in the wireless receiver […]

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