Christine Mendoza

Mendoza continues to make occasional appearances at Hot Import Nights, a popular car show which makes stops at various cities in the United States, and at other shows such as Glamourcon. She also appears in nightclubs in the Los Angeles area as a go-go dancer. […]

Katrina Halili

She may look sweet and innocent, and she very well may be. But, Katrina Halili was the latest “victim” of a leaked sex tape. Being a celebrity in the Philippines, that’s a big deal. Now, we haven’t yet seen this tape, but we’re sure it’s […]

Marian Rivera

She’s a Brick House and people in the Philippines damn well know it! Filipinos go crazy about her. She’s so sexy you can feel her sexiness from far away. She’s a whole lotta woman and you know you want her and love her. Because she […]

Nicole Scherzinger

I can’t say that I’m a fan of a music from the Pussycat Dolls, that would just be ridiculous. I can however say that I am a fan of Nicole Scherzinger, and the way she can shake her body. Nicole has some great heritage going […]

Jamilla Obispo

Jamilla Obispo is a Filipina girl and teenage mother that was born in Laguna. Can you believe that a body like that ever had a kid inside of it? She must be made out of elastic or something because she just snapped right back into […]

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Bianca King

Bianca King is an outstanding mixture of German and Filipina ancestry that proves that mixed kids just do grow up to be better looking. She has been acting and appearing in commercials since she was 13, far too young to be appreciated for her hot […]

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Leilani Dowding: Flippin’ Over This Filipina

Here is one of our favorite Page 3 models, by the name of Leilani Dowding. Leilani says that her parents first discovered the fact that she modeled topless, when they opened up a magazine featuring her and saw her sans shirt. Leilani also has a […]

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