Berna Kano

The Republic of the Philippines is celebrating its 114th year of independence so it’s all but fitting that we feature a Filipina. You can say that Berna Kano is a small tidbit of history for the Philippines. The country was under the Japanese rule for […]

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KC Concepcion

One of the Philippines’ most talked-about and controversial actresses is Kristina Cassandra ‘KC’ Concepcion. Coming from a long line of showbiz family, it’s inevitable that she’ll end in the same industry. After a controversial break-up, a lot of people speculated that she caught a ‘lemon.’ […]

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Georgina Wilson

Georgina Wilson One of the most popular and hottest Filipina girls today is Georgina Wilson. She is a professional model and host born of Filipino-British descent. She will be celebrating her 26th birthday in the next few weeks. Featuring her right now is a nice […]

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Sheila Ferrari

Right now, you’ve probably browsed through our list of hot girls, and I know that you can’t decide who’s the best just by looking at their physical assets. The only thing that separates them is their attitude and talent, and one of the finest girls […]

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Lovi Poe

What can’t you not love when the Princess poses with a pachyderm? Lovi Poe is the daughter of Fernando Poe, Jr., also known as ‘the King of Philippine Cinema’. Her last name carries a lot of weight and with it, a lot of expectations from […]

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Justene Jaro

With her sexy tanned skin and great curves, it’s a sure thing that Justene Jaro can get you intoxicated by her charm. This amazing girl has been featured in plenty of magazines, conventions and websites for men. Yes, her face was seen almost everywhere right […]

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Shamcey Supsup

Whatever happens in Brazil on September 12, Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup isn’t worried at all. The Miss Universe Pageant may be the biggest beauty title ever but the Filipina bet has several things going for her. She graduated magna cum laude at the University of […]

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Iya Villania

Unless you’re a morning person, then the first beep of your alarm would be the worst thing you could hear all day. But if you wake up to a fresh face like Iya Villania’s, then mornings would be more tolerable. She’s one of the hosts […]

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Ayumi Sogawa

Here’s one babe you can definitely hang out with. Ayumi Sogawa is FHM Philippines’ Online Babe for July 2011 but that’s beside the point. She’s a fan of video games! Just like Olivia Munn or Alison Haislip, Ayumi is another babe with a deep affection […]

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Stef Prescott

Being a showbiz personality in the Philippines, you’d think that Stef Prescott must be a constant presence in the beautiful beaches of Boracay. But her cover shoot for FHM is her first time on that majestic island. Maybe it’s her busy schedule or her reluctance […]

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