Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne takes the spotlight as she continues to showcase her sheer talent, beauty, and appeal. This English runway model is surely one of the most gorgeous models of her generation. Sweet, lovely, elegant, beautiful. These are some of the words that come to mind […]

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Lindsay Ellingson

Just like many others, I am also huge fan of lingerie models. The model who is at the top of my personal list is Lindsay Ellingson. She first walked the runways in the Spring/Summer 2005 ready-to-wear shows of various brands. And after that, she walked […]

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Moa Aberg

If Billy Ray’s baby girl didn’t act too crazily on that last MTV Video Music Awards, then she would have remained on the cover of American Vogue. But somebody who’s been on Vogue covers and who won’t be removed anytime soon is Moa Aberg. This […]

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Christina Ionno

The number ‘1’ is very prominent in the life of Christina Ionno. As you can see, her last name starts with the letter ‘I’ which, in Roman numerals (remember those?), denote the number one. And this Canadian cutie was born on November 11, 1987 and […]

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Alyssah Ali

The hauntingly beautiful and unique look of Alyssah Ali is the wonderful combination of Indian and Spanish ancestries. How she evaded our radars for so long escapes me, but we’re making amends right now. This wonderful woman demands all of our attention, like honor and […]

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Stephanie van Arendonk

No matter how busy you are right now, you’ll surely pause from what it is you’re doing once you witness the hotness of this next model. Stephanie van Arendonk is a sexy Dutch fashion model working under Paparazzi Models as well as Viva Models of […]

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Deborah Mace

Girls on bikinis are the hottest, especially if they are as hot and as beautiful as Deborah Mace. From her recent Twitter activity, it seems like this French model enjoyed her first trip to Los Angeles. She even found the time to thank Virgin America […]

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Samantha Gradoville

There’d be no question that Samantha Gradoville would get the highest grades if I was teaching and she was taking my class. She only has to attend classes regularly and not disrupt the other students. Though that could be highly problematic since all this babe […]

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Natalia Belova

Whether she walks on one of the runway shows or poses for a magazine, Natalia Belova always wears the same hotness and attractiveness. Such traits are already natural in her. This Russian fashion model can wear any outfit and make it look really glamorous, enticing, […]

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Iliana Papageorgiou

Iliana Papageorgiou is a very beautiful, gorgeous, and hot Greek beauty queen. With such beauty, it looks like her bloodline can be traced to Helen of Troy. Yes, that’s how beautiful she is, a beauty that can make even the gods fall to their knees. […]

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