Christina Ionno

The number ‘1’ is very prominent in the life of Christina Ionno. As you can see, her last name starts with the letter ‘I’ which, in Roman numerals (remember those?), denote the number one. And this Canadian cutie was born on November 11, 1987 and […]

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Alyssah Ali

The hauntingly beautiful and unique look of Alyssah Ali is the wonderful combination of Indian and Spanish ancestries. How she evaded our radars for so long escapes me, but we’re making amends right now. This wonderful woman demands all of our attention, like honor and […]

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Jessica Lowndes

Being in People Magazine’s list of 100 Most Beautiful People in the World for 2009 firmly solidifies Jessica Lowndes’ hotness cred. She’s an actress who hails from Vancouver who was cast in 90210. But her star doesn’t just shine bright on screen because Jessica is […]

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Rachelle Goulding

Rachelle Goulding poses like a smoking hot housewife in this new lingerie photo shoot of her. Just imagine how drool-inducing it is to see this Canadian hottie in lingerie while doing daily stuff like ironing, reading, or changing clothes. It can blow your mind off […]

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Shyla Suomi

Shyla Suomi is full of youthfulness, sweetness, charm, and yes, hotness. This sexy Canadian hottie is still 20, which means she still has a brighter future ahead of her in the modelling business. She is currently Miss COED, and she has appeared in some magazines. […]

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Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders Blackwidow is not the only sexy woman in the film The Avengers, Maria Hill too. That gorgeous character is perfectly portrayed by this Canadian actress whose real name is quite a mouthful. Cobie Smulders is a former model who now focuses on acting, […]

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Stana Katic

Stana Katic This Canadian hottie can surely make you drool over your shirt. And the reason is plain obvious when you’re in the presence of a sizzling hot, gorgeous goddess who comes by the name Stana Katic. Just for some personal info, Stana is a […]

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Alice Panikian

Alice Panikian Put some spice in your day by checking out on this super gorgeous and irresistibly hot beauty queen. Alice Panikian is a Canadian beauty queen who is known for winning the Miss Universe Canada in 2006. She really has a unique beauty because […]

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Carly Foulkes

Carly Foulkes You’ve probably first meet this lovely and gorgeous babe from one of the T-Mobile commercials. Carly Foulkes is a Canadian model who became famous for being the current Spokesperson of T-Mobile. She has also appeared in many fashion campaigns and shows. Though she’s […]

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Andi Muise

This Canadian hottie can surely make those heart of yours beat really fast. Andi Muise is a fashion model whose real name is Amanda Elizabeth Janet Muise, which is quite a mouthful actually. Well, anyway, she’s famous for having walked in several runway shows and […]

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