Alize Lily Mounter

Winning various international beauty contests is not an ordinary feat. Alize Lily Mounter was different from all other beauty queens because she has won not just one or two, but six titles. In 2011 alone, she was crowned Miss England, Queen of Europe, Miss World […]

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Milica Jelic

The new Miss World Megan Young is the first candidate from the Philippines to win the crown. But it’s not without controversy, as some idiots with too much time in their hands manipulated some of Megan’s photos. This could be good news to the Miss […]

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Julia Liptakova

You’re looking at the Most Beautiful Body in the World at one point in time. Julia Liptakova is a professional model and a pageant veteran. She’s been joining beauty contests since her early teens and had various levels of success. The highlight must be her […]

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Iliana Papageorgiou

Iliana Papageorgiou is a very beautiful, gorgeous, and hot Greek beauty queen. With such beauty, it looks like her bloodline can be traced to Helen of Troy. Yes, that’s how beautiful she is, a beauty that can make even the gods fall to their knees. […]

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Pia Pakarinen

Pia Pakarinen It’s been quite sometime since we last featured a beauty queen. And this very beautiful and gorgeous titleholder is more than enough to break the silence. Pia Pakarinen is a Finnish beauty queen who won the Miss Suomi in 2011. On that same […]

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Blanca Soto

Blanca Soto Blanca Soto was first discovered for her beauty and sheer talent as a beauty queen. Since then, she has dabbled into acting and modeling. And that’s because she got the looks, the talent, and the perfect body of a model and actress. There’s […]

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Alice Panikian

Alice Panikian Put some spice in your day by checking out on this super gorgeous and irresistibly hot beauty queen. Alice Panikian is a Canadian beauty queen who is known for winning the Miss Universe Canada in 2006. She really has a unique beauty because […]

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Betzaida Herrera

Betzaida Herrera Do not wonder if you stumble upon Betzaida Herrera on many surfing events in the North Shore. This busty, lovely, and sexy woman with a natural curly brown hair was the winner of the 2010 World Miss Reef contest. She is a beauty […]

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Rosanna Davison

A beautiful girl could make you feel dizzy, and this Irish babe can prove that statement is true. Rosanna Davison is beautiful inside and out, in fact; she graduated with a degree in Sociology and Art History and was labeled as the first Irish crowned […]

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Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins has the kind of beauty which can be compared with that of the Helen of Troy. Yes, the kind that can launch a thousand ships. And that explains why she was crowned Miss Universe in the year 2004. This Australian beauty queen is […]

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