Lily Aldridge

I assumed you’ve already asked yourself why girls love to read and watch romantic movies. We may not know the reason why but having that in mind, at least now you know where exactly to bring your date and maybe ask her if she wants […]

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Genesis Rodriguez

We’ve just spotted this stunning American TV personality. Genesis Rodriguez is an American actress of Spanish and Venezuelan descent. She really has that South American feature that can make your jaw drop and drool. She is not just stunningly beautiful but also tempting, hot, and […]

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Michelle Money

Michelle Money was thrust into the public eye thanks to her affair with Carlos Boozer. However, let’s not disregard that this chick is a popular contestant in The Bachelor. Before entering the reality show, she was already an actress and a model. No wonder Boozer […]

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JJ Summer

It feels like Summer is really coming (even if it just ended in some countries) if you’re sweating while seeing a stunning babe as hot as her name sounds. I’m talking about JJ Summer. As what we expected from someone who hails from Florida, she […]

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Bree Conden

Just like meeting a long lost friend again, let’s welcome back the Texas-born hottie that could make any customer careless about the price of the product she’s promoting. Here’s Bree Conden. There’s no doubt why she was chosen to work for big brand companies like […]

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Tara Babcock

You might have seen Tara Babcock more than once before, but you may still want to dig a little deeper. We can’t blame you because her name alone is really something, not to mention her stunning physique. And judging by her well-maintained figure, you wouldn’t […]

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Kirsty Lingman

Meet this hot chick from Los Angeles, California. Kirsty Lingman is a model by profession and has been featured in many sexy magazines and several genres of modeling. This blonde American model’s assets are her eye-popping figure and curves as you can see in her […]

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Gio Ott

We all have different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day, and for some, it’s going to a party and grabbing the chance of meeting beautiful and lovely ladies, just like Gio Ott. All we know about her is that she’s an American model, who stands 5’9″ […]

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Chrissy Blair

Chrissy Blair was hailed as the winner of the 2012 Miss TransWorld WakeBoarding Model Search last October 2011. Ironically, this 22-year-old from Orlando has never ridden a wakeboard. But that’s not gonna stop men from liking her. She has just returned from her big modeling […]

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Heather Rae Young

Heather Rae Young is a blonde import model who has been busy heating up the pages of countless websites for several years. Today, she’s finally back here in FratFury to get us all fired up with more of her naughty yet classy poses. Check out […]

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