Debbie Boyde

Debbie Boyde caught our attention recently when her photos were circulated on Facebook. We had this sudden crush and urge to know her more. We found out that she’s an Australian model, an adult model in particular. She had previous projects with Playboy. Debbie’s slim, […]

X-Men: Days of Future Past Official Trailer

The official trailer of the seventh film in the X-Men film series, “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” has been released. With this film, Bryan Singer returns as a director. His last film in the X-Men series was 2003′s X2. In the movie, all the mutants […]

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Wireless TV Headphones

Watch the game, your favorite movie or that series that won’t die through these Wireless TV Headphones from the Sharper Image. Enjoying full audio is alright, unless of course you’re doing it in the middle of the night and people are trying to sleep in […]

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Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson was not included in our list of possible 50 Shades of Grey actresses that will play the role of Anastasia Steele. She may have come out of nowhere but her sexiness will never be a disappointment. Dakota is a model turned actress. Her […]

Robocop Movie Trailer

Enjoy the latest Robocop movie trailer that was released few weeks ago. The new Robocop film for next year is a remake of the popular 1987 cyborg police film with the same title. Joel Kinnaman will play the role of the loving husband turned hero […]

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DIY Pumpkin Keg

Weird costumes, hot girls, booze and cool stuff will never be out during Halloween parties. Don’t be out of surprises too! Serve beer to your friends coming from a homemade pumpkin keg. Here we prepare a guide on how to carve your own. Just follow […]

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Allie Meier

Despite the common name Allie Meier, this one dynamite gal stands out to become note worthy. She’s an American swimwear and fashion model currently tied with Ford Models. She’s tall, beautiful and a desirable girlfriend. Thanks to her mouthwatering sexiness, we can’t help but drool. […]

Payphone Drum Cover By Rani

If Matt Flynn, the drummer of Maroon 5, is out of town, this girl could be a very good proxy. Watch the following Payphone drum cover by Rani Ramadhany for you to know why. Her amazing performance and unique talent mesmerized us. Enjoy it after […]

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Wazuma V8F Matte Edition

Bike? Car? Probably both. The new Wazuma V8F Matte Edition is rare combination of those two modes of transportation. It’s a highly customized vehicle and loaded with cool features that include pretty huge tires, mighty Brembo brakes and a unique suspension system. It comes in […]

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Simona Starkute

“Can you see that star? It’s like you, a sparkling cutie.” That would be our pick-up line for Simona Starkute. Thanks to her last name, we had that idea. Simona is a Lithuanian fashion model who became popular for her lingerie shoots. Not only that, […]