Lauren Bedford

This hot blonde in front of you is Lauren Bedford. An American model and not to be confused with Lauren Bedford Russel, who’s a reality TV actress. The Lauren we have here is the former girlfriend of Andy Roddick, once the world’s number one tennis […]

Hobbit Sting FX Sword

The second part of the much-anticipated “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” is about to bring moviegoers and LOTR fanatics into another exciting adventure in Middle Earth this 13th of December. And you can’t call yourself a certified fan if you don’t have this high-end copy […]

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Asics GT II X-Mas Pack

It’s less than a month ’til Christmas and have you planned on your outfit already? While some people may just go ‘meh’ and let the high holiday pass by, there are others who actually coordinate their getup for that special day. Helping those who like […]

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Simone Villas Boas

The title of her latest campaign is ‘Adore Me’ and that’s all we’ll ever do to Simone Villas Boas. It’s a surprise that this is the first time that the Frat House is seeing this Brazilian beauty and this maiden visit is really something. Our […]

Evan Hecox x Chocolate Vagabond Skateboards

Tapping in Evan Hecox was perhaps one of the best moves made by Chocolate Skateboards. The Evan Hecox x Chocolate Vagabond Skateboards are a special collection that consist of nine uniquely-designed boards that make one think of the 70′s, where hippies would drive cross country […]

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OUYA 2013 Limited Holiday White Edition

Ouya continues to make its name in the gadget world by dropping this special Android-powered game console for Christmas. Yes, it’s a white kind of Christmas as the console comes in a special white edition. The OUYA 2013 Limited Holiday White Edition was designed by […]

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Ellen Danes

Blondes with drop-dead-gorgeous figures never cease to captivate us. Count Ellen Danes in because her hotness will be knocking at the door of your mind. She’s a young Swedish model with a stunning beauty that no man can resist. No need to visit Stockholm to […]

Undefeated x Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones

Get ready for a special Black Friday release. Two renowned brands, Undefeated and Beats by Dr. Dre have joined hands for the limited edition Studio headphones. Get an incredible sound experience plus a unique style with these cans. The headphones are finished in matte olive […]

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M by Staples Neoprene Arc Notebook

Frat men like us won’t easily admit it but organization is one of our many failings. It could be disastrous even, if we’re talking about important stuff like appointments and meetings. Make sure you don’t miss out on things that matter when you jot down […]

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Jaclyn Swedberg

Jokester might be the last positive trait that you’ll notice about Jaclyn Swedberg. Playboy’s Playmate of the Year for 2012 is obviously beautiful, but she gets even hotter thanks to her sense of humor. Of course, we can’t personally vouch for that though we wouldn’t […]