Orvis Witty Sayings Martini Shaker

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Bartenders tend to be the ‘Answer Man’ to most of life’s questions. But that’s because they hold the key to enlightenment, i.e. your favorite libation. You too can be the source of answers while you hold the Orvis Witty Sayings Martini Shaker. For the uninitiated, the bar can be tricky with all those fine words used in preparation of your favorite cocktail. Fortunately, they’re all engraved on the side of this Martini Shaker. But those sayings aren’t just for effect – they’re actually a finite measurement for the specific ingredients in a drink. This means that not only is the engraving on this item pretty to look at, it’s functional as well. The shaker holds 24oz. of fluids and is made of stainless steel to guarantee you years of use. It has an airtight gum seal to keep the liquid in and a built-in strainer to keep the solids out of your solution for a smooth drink. Needless to say, the Martini Shaker isn’t made exclusively for James Bond’s drink of choice – it can handle other concoctions just as well. $49.

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