Obscure Movie Review: Skinned Alive

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Here is a new section that I’m going to be starting where I review a movie that may not be so mainstream, but still worth a look anyways. This is one is called Skinned Alive, or Eat Your Heart Out, if you can get your hands on the Asian bootleg version like I did. The movie revolves around the New York City prostitution industry and one lonely man’s quest to find love in all of the wrong places. The main character, Jeffrey can’t get a girl to save his life. He resorts rather frequently to ordering prostitutes into his home and becomes increasingly more and more upset when they refuse his offers to go out with him “off the clock”. Finally he meets Pandora, the one that is different than all of the rest. She listens to him and enjoys spending time with him with no compensation. The only problem is Pandora has a problem. She eats people. Viciously. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but the movie definitely has it’s moments. You genuinely feel bad for Jeffrey as you see him going through these crazy actions that just seem so justified to him. The movie does a good job of riding the fine line between horror and comedy, so much so that afterwards you wonder which direction the director was aiming for. Production value wasn’t incredible but it was a decent watch for a low budget movie, and deserves a look if you can get your hands on a copy. 7/10

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