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Do you love to spend some time on the wild outdoor, but you lack the experience to protect yourself from dangerous entity like a hungry bear or a lurking mountain lion? Then you need to gear up and choose the most ideal weapon that is both effective and easy to handle like the Manticuda. With a sure-hold G10 pistol-type handle that gives the user a maneuverability to grip the knife in any form you like. The blade (4-inch L x 3.4-inch W) on the other is crafted from a S30V steel with Tungsten DLC coating. What separates the Manticuda from other knives is its noticeable facets on the blade that act as macro-serrations, creating a unique protection on edges in which the points only received the wear while preserving the blade’s sharpness. In addition, it is easier to sharpen and maintenance is no hassle. And when it comes to combating it’ll produce twice the cutting potential with its wide dual edge design, and it features a draw-cut edge angles that generate more force when cutting leaving a large, gaping wound on your assailant. The blade cutouts on the Manticuda reduce its overall weight and also serve as a nail puller or a bottle opener. The Manticuda comes with a rugged Nylon Sheath and has a tag price of $275.

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