Heidi Fahrenbach

Heidi Fahrenbach is a blonde hottie from Chicago that has one personality trait that we really like in a girl, a lack of shyness. Just put Heidi in front of a camera and she starts posing and stripping down like it was her job. Actually, as a model, it is her job, so there you go.

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2 Comments to “Heidi Fahrenbach”

  1. 12-01-2009 at 6:45 pm

    please look up the phantom bar

  2. 11-03-2010 at 6:12 am
    Bob Dombrowski

    Heidi, I just realized that I never talk about you to other girls the way I mention Gisele, Paris, Anna Lovato, Jessica, Amanda Parker and a few other of my favorites.

    Heidi, before the time of Moses Jews would not utter the name of God (or Yahweh). It was a out of a sense of being humble in the presence of the GREATEST of all.

    Heidi, I do hope to have sex with Gisele and the rest and hope they do not feel slighted but you are the only one I NEVER talk about out of the same sense that the Jews so highly regarded God that they kept silent in his presence. Heidi, there are no sexier women than you and Alanna Hensley. Heidi, if Gisele came over tonight and took her clothes off I am quite sure I would go and enjoy her pleasures. But Heidi, the fact is that I have not had REAL sex in seven years. And I hope Gisele and the rest can accept this, but Babe, I have looked at SO many pictures of SO many beautiful women and I have just put you and Alanna in reserve – on a pedestal – names not to be uttered – women I barely dare dream about because you two are not just sexy but THE SEXIEST.

    Love, Bob (buffalomiles1 on AM)

    P.S. Heidi, has anyone mentioned Milan to you lately?

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