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Smartphones’ touchscreen technology has completely turned our lives around, especially for users who love to play games on their hand-held devices. There are plenty of interactive games that will get you addicted, but I must admit that sometimes, the touchscreen control is not good enough, and might even hinder the fun factor while playing your favorite game. Good thing is someone has found a solution by discovering that most Android phones has a DualShock3 controller compatibility. That’s right, now you can use your good-old PS3 controller on your phone by simply installing an app which is available on Google Play called “Sixaxis Controller” by Dancing Pixel Studios. Now that you have a familiar controller to play-on, the next thing that comes into your mind is ‘how can you play on your phone while holding the controller at the same time?’, and that’s where the GameKlip comes in. Crafted from laser cut ABS plastic and thermoformed to easily snap on your DualShock3, this accessory will help you get those high scores that you’re aiming for. Each GameKlip is built to match specific Smartphone of your choice, and it’s available on wireless play or with custom wires included. $15+.

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