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The greatest symbol of camaraderie and celebration for bros all around the world is undoubtedly the high-five. I bet if there’s a third bro present when man first made fire by rubbing two sticks together, he would have seen the very first high-five in history. That’s how powerful the gesture is. So how can you improve the already-awesome act? By popping confetti in the midst of it, of course. And that’s done through the Fiesta-Five. It’s a neat contraption that sits on your open palm. When triggered by a high-five, a charge blasts biodegradable confetti upwards, accompanied by a joyous, popping sound. The confetti charge comes as a re-loadable cartridge in various colors, according to the occasion or the team you’re actually supporting. You can even put your name, company logo or favorite graphic in front of the Fiesta-Five to show your full support. Look out on October 29 when the company launches their crowd sourcing project for this magnificent item. High-fives will never be as boring when you’re loaded up with the Front-Five that’s for sure. $20+.

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