Erica Campbell

Most glamour models come out of the UK, which is why we like Erica Campbell because she is all-American, born and raised in Deerfield, NH. Erica has appeared in Playboy, and it is much easier to find a picture of her with her clothes off rather than on. That is why we would like her to come back to modeling, since she has quit and decided to become a Christian. We think the world already has enough of those, there are certainly more Christians around, than hot, naked girls.

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  1. 08-26-2009 at 10:10 am
    Plunder Media News: 08-26-09

    […] Erica Campbell is a real hottie, with a whole boatload of pictures that can back up that claim. She is a rare breed as an American glamour model, although she is now retired. You can see a lot more of Erica at Frat Fury. […]