Dr. Martens Rafi

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Here’s a refined pair from Dr. Martens, the black and white RAFI. It looks like the shoes from the 70’s, with that vintage appeal, making this one a shoe collector’s dream. It can be worn with socks, or bare footed all day without any problems, as it’s made for comfort. It doesn’t matter, if you’re wearing shorts, jeans, khaki, and even slacks, as it can blend well with your outfit, just be sure to wear it with attitude. Just perfect for your Mafia getup as per se, this shoe is “Goodyear” welted, and features DM’s sole, and is finished with smooth black and white leather. I have heard that if you purchase this online, and use “FALL2011” as a discount code, you’ll get 20% off. Why not? $110.

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