Improve Your Game: Don’t Give Her Compliments

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The dating world is not an easy one. Women’s minds are much harder to read than even the toughest assignment you could ever get in a high-level class, and I don’t think women even know what they are thinking. Beyond that, sometimes the most backwards advice seems to work. Like this one, complimenting a hot girl in a bar or social setting as a means to begin talking to her almost never works. Think of it this way, almost every guy that approaches this girl will probably try to do one of the same few things, all of them involving giving her a compliment of some sort. Instantly this girl knows that you are interested in her and you will now have to play the game by her rules, as you have already started complimenting her and asking her tons of questions. A better approach, would to be to try approaching the hottie from across the bar, and bringing up a random topic as if she were any other person in the bar, and talk to her as if you could care less how hot she is, or how much you would like to get to know her. Doing so, and following other techniques that will be highlighted here will have her playing the game by your rules, while allowing her to “think” she is still playing by yours. Good luck, my friend!

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