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Playing a Zombie Apocalypse game just got way more realistic with ArmA 2’s latest mod called the Day Z. This third-person survival game features realistic zombie behaviors and characteristics; new weapons and vehicles like you’ve never seen before on some other zombie games, reliable servers, and heavy coding optimization. One unique feature of the Day Z Mod is the medical system in which the game simulates a real wound and treatment condition, that means when you’re wounded and bleed, expect that you’ll continuously lose blood until you’re bandaged up, or once you got shot in the arm or leg you need painkillers like morphine just to move again. Another system of this game is like in the real-world where humans need to eat and drink to survive, so the developers have come up with a new addition that lets you scavenge for food supply or hunt wild animals. Of course, you also need to acquire tools in order to gut and cook them. And last but not the least on the exciting features of the Day Z Mod is the added danger of the game by including a survivor/bandit system. Yep, just like any tactical shooter game, this Mod allows all players to choose which side they want to belong, to the camp of bandits or to the group of survivors. Click the link, if you want to know more about the Day Z Mod. [Day Z Mod]

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