Ariadne Artiles Starts Off Our Daily Link Drop

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Ariadne Artiles is a great start to any day. See more of her over at Plunder Guide.

Woman pretends to have breast cancer to get implants (Guyism)

Crotch Watch: 7 bizarre injuries to the junk (Gunaxin)

25 of your favorite video games recreated as dioramas (The Toy Zone)

A gorgeous unknown Ukrainian singer (Spewf)

The 5 most insane displays of soccer hooliganism (Gunaxin)

19 truly tasteless t-shirts (Yes But No But Yes)

Emmerich loves destroying the world (Screen Junkies)

Kim K and her retarded opinions (Daily Fill)

Gold plated PS3 (Walyou)

Romanian girl freaks out (Too Shocking)

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