Marisa Miller Starts Off Our Daily Link Drop

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It’s Friday, and we’re oh so close to a weekend full of beer, babes and probably a few more things that start with B as well. Here’s some Marisa Miller to start you off. See more at (Plunder Guide.

Drunk guy buying some beers (Totally Crap)

Beer pong banned in NYC? (Bro Bible)

Five classic rants (Gunaxin)

You suck at Photoshop (Babel Gum)

Fernanda Lima is one smokin hot delight! (Spewf)

What girls don’t want you to know (Mademan)

Daredevils: Mad or Brilliant? (Late For Mass)

White girls gone gangsta (COED Magazine)

Today’s amazing Click-a-Chick (Busted Coverage)

Classy Moms 101 (I Am Bored)

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