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When it comes time for you to leave this world, the last memory people will probably have of you is you in your coffin. So why not get one that will make them really remember you. See more over at Holy Taco.

Farewell Darrel Hammond (Ego TV)

25 “Misters” from pop culture (Gunaxin)

The worst Princess Leia costume of all time (Uncoached)

Who is Veronica Ricci? Only one way to find out! (Spewf)

The 25 butt ugliest dogs on the planet (Manofest)

This woman has got a dirty mouth (Lemon Drop)

Train owns cow (Evil Chili)

Bar Refaeli: The bar is set high (Out of Aces)

Japan is screwing with us (I Am Bored)

5 ways they are watching you (Cracked)

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