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Google is pretty much the standard for almost any operation you could ever want to perform on the internet. So much so that Google can even suggest things for you that you didn’t even know that you wanted. See more at Holy Taco.

Denis Milani overdose (COED Magazine)

10 hints that Stewie is gay (Liquid Generation)

The ultimate bachelors pad: a submarine (Late for Mass)

Throwing a futon out the window gone wrong (College Humor)

Cheryl Tweedy Cole is totally into Megan Fox (Popoholic)

Embarassing yourself 101 (Evil Chili)

People in SUV’s are retarded (EJB)

6 reasons why men do it (Asylum)

Vanessa Raia is HOT (Gorilla Mask)

Mad men in Sesame Street (Buzz Feed)

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