Mai Nishida Starts Off Our Daily Link Drop

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Japanese girls are the 8th wonder of the world, and when it comes to Mai Nishida, she might steal a few spots from 1-7 on her own. See more at Auto Infection.

David Perez makes 200 foot putt [Total Pro Sports]

Never giving up: a collection of combovers [Yep Yep]

The 5 greatest parkour failures [Next Round]

Amber Heard is sexy/scary in Details [Just a Guy Thing]

Star Wars bloopers: The Empire Strikes Back [Gunaxin]

Stealing from work is fun [The Minimum Rage]

The cinnamon challenge never gets old [Evil Chili]

I laugh when fat kids get hurt [Buzz Feed]

The buxom babes of Oktoberfest [COED Magazine]

Are you dating a sugar-mama? [Made Man]

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