Dirty Old Men Start Off Our Daily Link Drop

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I aspire to be a dirty old man some day. The way I see it is, I’m already a dirty young man, but I just can’t act on all of my crazy thoughts for various reasons. Old men though, can do whatever they want and just use the senile, or “I don’t remember that ever happening excuse”. You the man dawg. See more pics over at Manofest.

Sara Kokoni is Greek, ’nuff said On205th

Fan makes incredible catch, does not drop toddler Asylum

Skateboard tricks have come a long way since the 1970’s EJB

Ardina Voogt Buge Hoobs

Close call with a lion Evil Chili

One night stand flowchart Maxim

James Cameron has a gun Film Drunk

Raunchy Jessica “Miss Rabbit” Kontraband

6 Things that shouldn’t explode but do Cracked

Ghostbusters circa 1950 Buzzfeed

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