Ashley Greene Starts Off Our Daily Link Drop

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I would much rather watch Ashley Greene in a bathing suit during a Sobe ad than sit through an hour and a half of Twilight, wouldn’t you? See more of her at Late for Mass.

Gay animals in nature (Gunaxin)

6 douchebags every online n00b will meet (Regretful Morning)

100 hot girls you could actually hook up with (Spewf)

Domino building lego machine (Break)

25 poorly placed advertisements (Manofest)

Arbor Daze with Tim Allen (Funny or Die)

Texas longhorns only fear one thing (Next Round)

Natali Thanou is the international babe of the day (Double Viking)

PWN’D support group (College Humor)

Hilarious Twitter account of a guy stuck in a zombie apocalypse (Twitter)

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