Tammin Sursok Starts Off Our Daily Link Drop

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Tammin Sursok is a hot Australian that could even make soap operas interesting. To see more of here have a look at Totally Crap.

20 butt ugly tattoos (City Rag)

Tarzan toy fail (College Humor)

Next level in sucker punching (Afro Jacks)

Miranda Kerr’s early Christmas gift (Popoholic)

The 10 most baffling action figure accessories of all time (Cracked)

10 terrible gifts you will definitely get this Christmas (Guyism)

Top 10 holiday rap songs (IGN)

The hottest babes in Christmas movies (Holy Taco)

25 great sports moments in the Simpsons (Total Pro Sports)

Now these are freeloaders (Maxim)

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