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ChillBots Ice Cube Tray

Create a fun way to serve drinks even without fancy accessories by filling your glass with this cool ChillBots Ice Cube. The tray itself can produce four ice-robots and four winders good for two medium drinking glasses. Now your buddies or even your little brother […]

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Casio Tyrx Camera

Casio Tyrx Camera is a cool cam that doesn’t need a tripod, for it actually stands up! It has a super thin frame that rotates a full 360-degrees, transforming it into a tripod, hanger, or handle. It features a 3-inch LCD touch screen, Slide Panorama […]

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Vizio Smartphone & Tablet

Vizio is set to bring entertainment freedom with their upcoming Smartphone and Tablet. Officially called the VIA Phone and VIA Tablet, named after the company’s Internet Apps, these are actually Android-based gadgets that will both have integrated IR blasters and a matching app for controlling […]

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Spiderpodium Travel Dock

Once you’ve heard that a new gadget is out in the market, expectedly the next logical step for electronics companies is to release a huge list of accessories. Truly, it’s one way to make gadgets more functional or improved ease-of-use. However, Breffo has crafted one […]

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Everlast Muhammad Ali Collection

New Year has come and I know that just like me you have gained some weight, after all who would pass on those greasy Holiday buffets. So now its time to get serious and lose some weight to get all the ladies this upcoming spring […]

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Ria Sakurai

Its normal for Japanese models to look cute and innocent but Ria Sakurai is somewhat different. Aside from her charming face, she actually looks sexy and hot in everything she wears. This hottie is pretty good in flaunting her natural assets and revealing her soft […]

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Snow Cycle

Make the most out of the cold season with this snow bicycle. This snow cycle was recorded by the Guiness World Record to have reached the longest vertical drop. It was designed in Oberndorf, Austria and can reach up to 66 mph. The latest version […]

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Pillow Remote Control

Most of us have experienced playing hide and seek with our remote once in a while that we get irritated to an extent, we couldn’t watch the first half of our favorite sports. So while we are searching on how to cure short-term memory loss […]

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Mushroom Lamp

Lamps are an essentials to ones cave, but why settle for ordinary lamps that make your room girly or out of style when you can have this iconic Mushroom Lamp? The design is similar to the growth mushroom you found in the video game Mario, […]

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HoverSpy Video Cam RC Helicopter

Now you can record fascinating areal views or spy the world from above with this professional level Hoverspy RC helicopter. It has built-in video camera that can record high quality video while flying under zero wind condition over 150 feet high. The Hoverspy video cam […]

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