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Survival Stove

Survival Stove is handy collapsible, lightweight cooking apparatus that’s made for all situations. It’s light, compact, that’s easy to carry making it the best choice for camping, for it leaves very low trace residue, and leaves no garbage. It is safe to use and can […]

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Everyone Loves A Frat Boy Shirt

The print says it all, “Everyone Loves A Frat Boy” shirt is just simply amazing. You just have to be proud of who and what you are, as long as you know the limits. And with this shirt, express that your a frat-man with attitude […]

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Paul Smith x Giro Helmet

Paul Smith, the known British fashion icon, is also a big fan of bikes. This new collaboration with Giro, legendary helmet makers, features three different stylish helmets with graphic experiments in various hues and designs. Giro was able to integrate the shell for lightweight purposes. […]

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Wenger EvoWood Knives

Wenger has crafted a very classy Swiss knife that not only separates its style from the traditional red gloss Swiss knives but also eco-friendly. Made from a premium quality dark-stained Swiss grown walnut that comes from the left-over of other commercial products. The blades and […]

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Rear View Spy Sunglass

Rear View Spy Sunglass story. Situation: You are in a beach party with your girlfriend and some hot girls wearing tiny tongs are right behind you. The watchdog is there, spoils. Solution: rear view spy sunglasses. See behind you with the reflective edges of these […]

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Santa Cruz Screaming Foot Cruzer

Skate in style with the coolest graffiti decks from Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is known for producing the best skateboards in town. They are the first skateboard company that launched its skateboard in the early 70’s. This Screaming Hand design is cool with an edge […]

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Pop Your Top Leg Opener

Dude it’s time to change your beer opening style. It isn’t cool to pop the top with your teeth. Try opening your beer with this Leg Opener. It’s the best thing you’ll ever own plus it’s pretty innovative and comes in with the perfect design. […]

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iida X-Ray Phone

iida X-RAY is a mobile phone that is something new, for its design is something that you don’t normally see in traditonal mobiles. From its shape, color, and other components, the phone expresses its natural form by revealing its naked form. Designed by the Tokujin […]

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Palm Pre 2

Finally, Palm has announced the release of its redefined version of their left out smartphone, Palm Pre, called – the Palm Pre 2. Better late than never, a new palm that will definitely bring a smile to palm owners. It’s still a vertical QWERTY slider […]

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24 Port USB Monster Hub

The 24 Port USB Monster Hub is described as one hub that can power 24 devices all together. If you’re crazy enough, you can chain up to 127 USB devices. This monster hub can power via USB or AC power. It has built-in safety features […]

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