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Laura Blokhina

It’s been a while since we’ve visited Russia and its beautiful women. So now, we present to you Laura Blokhina whose hotness can melt all the snows in the country. This Russian hottie is famous for being a supermodel there and abroad. She has walked […]

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Pamela Burgos

It’s public knowledge that Mexicans are fond of spicy food. But it’s not only their food that’s hot, their women are too. And it would be a sin if we won’t show this one hot Mexican chick. She comes by the name Pamela Burgos. Oh, […]

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Charlott Cordes

You’ve got to check out this super gorgeous German hottie before you can finally call yourself an expert on women. Charlott Cordes is one hot fashion model who is widely known in her country and is most famous for being affiliated with various Elite agencies. […]

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Stephanie Cherry

Stephanie Cherry This next hottie stays true to her surname: Cherry. Don’t we just love cherries? Stephanie Cherry is a charming, gorgeous, and love fashion model from Australia who came to prominence through her tight, drop-dead sexy lingerie projects. And speaking of which, here are […]

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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole first made it big as a recording artist, when she was Cheryl Tweedy. She’s got pure talent in singing and in songwriting. But there’s to her than songwriting and singing because she’s as beautiful as her voice. And man, she’s gorgeous. And the […]

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Michelle Buswell

Michelle Buswell It would be impossible for us to fit all this hottie’s achievements in just a few sentences. So just to give us an idea of who she is, Michelle Buswell is a successful American model who has appeared in various magazines including Vogue […]

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Tamsin Egerton

Tamsin Egerton Not many of us know that Rowan Atkinson played serious roles like a good-hearted pastor in the film Keeping Mum. But we’re not here because of that, we’re here because of the gorgeous and super hot actress Tamsin Egerton who played as the […]

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Tania Onishchenko

You don’t have to be widely recognized and famous to be considered hot. Though this Caucasian fashion model is not a superstar in the modeling world, she’s definitely one hottie any guy couldn’t miss. Tania Onishchenko is a super hot fashion model who is famous […]

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Camilla Belle

Brazilian-American babe Camilla Belle beautifies our day with the following gallery. You may have seen her in ‘The Ballad of Jack and Rose’ (though we doubt it, unless you were forced by your woman) and in ‘10,000 BC.’ She’s also starring in a couple of […]

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Jane Levy

Jane Levy This next featured hottie is no ordinary actress, as she has been listed by Forbes as one of the under 30 who have reinvented the world. In other words, she’s one of the brightest stars to watch. Not only is she talented, she […]

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