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Mariana Davalos

Mariana Davalos is back with more explosive surprises for us to behold. From lingerie modeling, Mariana has ventured into TV hosting and reality shows for a few years back now, along with her twin sister Camila. However, their prowess in campaigning hot lingerie has continued […]

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Lis Henao

You don’t need to study Spanish to understand Lis Henao. You’ll be speechless anyway with her presence. This gorgeous Colombian model is hard to flatter with just words. Better give her a cartoon character stuffed toy like that of the Despicable Me 2 minions because […]

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Eliana Giraldo

Something about the last name of this lovely woman screams total beauty. Eliana Giraldo is Colombian, another attribute that she shares with Melissa. According to my research, the two aren’t related but they could very well be. Probably somebody close to both of them could […]

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Celeste Sablich

She’s another reason why Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, is called that way. Roughly translated, Buenos Aires means ‘good air’ or ‘fresh air’ (citation needed, non-Spanish speaker/writer here) and Celeste Sablich is as good and as fresh as a morning flower. The Playboy […]

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Hannah Davis

We’ve seen this coming a mile away – that Hannah Davis will be picked up by a top swimsuit brand and be their next spokesperson, after appearing in that magazine that we won’t mention anymore. She showed her bikini and swimwear prowess in that magazine […]

Julia Liptakova

You’re looking at the Most Beautiful Body in the World at one point in time. Julia Liptakova is a professional model and a pageant veteran. She’s been joining beauty contests since her early teens and had various levels of success. The highlight must be her […]

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Moa Aberg

If Billy Ray’s baby girl didn’t act too crazily on that last MTV Video Music Awards, then she would have remained on the cover of American Vogue. But somebody who’s been on Vogue covers and who won’t be removed anytime soon is Moa Aberg. This […]

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Katherine Claire

Coming in from Moldova by way of Los Angeles, California is the beautiful Katherine Claire. Forgive me for that, I have always wanted to introduce a babe a la Michael Buffer or whoever ring announcer you can think of. She won Miss Calabasas at age […]

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Kelly Brook

Hot is truly a horrible understatement to describe Kelly Brook. We’ve seen her before, but not often enough though because it’s been over a year since we last featured here. Her new calendar just screams sexy and you don’t have to be Hugh Hefner to […]

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Vanessa Jay

To the shock of nobody, Vanessa Jay is a pretty common name. Either Vanessa or Jay, or any combination of both is one of the most used names in the history of ever. But this Vanessa Jay is special. The towering glamour model from London […]

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