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Bleona Qereti

People refer to her as the ‘Madonna of Albania’ but Bleona Qereti is running her own game. Our first Albanian in the Frat House is a major babe. Her beauty goes beyond the recording studio as we can clearly see here. Bleona is multi-lingual but […]

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Ni Mu Si

Christmas 1990 was a joyous time for Ni Mu Si and family. This was the date of her birth, though we suspect that they didn’t have the traditional Christmas celebration that the rest of the world had back then. She’s a student at the Beijing […]

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Jessica Lowndes

Being in People Magazine’s list of 100 Most Beautiful People in the World for 2009 firmly solidifies Jessica Lowndes’ hotness cred. She’s an actress who hails from Vancouver who was cast in 90210. But her star doesn’t just shine bright on screen because Jessica is […]

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Brittany Oldehoff

Brittany Oldehoff is the real deal in this generation’s hot American models. Starting at the age of 17, she has appeared in various runway shows and has appeared in many magazines in the US. She’s also affiliated with various fashion brands and campaigns. But she’s […]

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Ginta Lapina

Ginta Lapina This fashion model is not quite famous, but she’ll soon be because she’s just irresistibly sexy. Ginta Lapina is a Latvian fashion model who has appeared iun various magazine such as Elle and Vogue. She has also walked different runway shows including the […]

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Miranda Kerr

Victoria’s Secret has dropped new photo shoots of its Angels. And whenever we talk of Angels, literally or figuratively, Miranda Kerr always comes to mind. She’s the perfect definition of hot mama. She hasn’t aged a bit. In fact, she has turned hotter and hotter […]

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Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge is the real definition of hot in every angle. And there’s really no need to introduce this hottie because she’s no doubt the goddess of all hotties. Famous for her mouth-watering and heart-pumping lingerie photo shoots with Victoria’s Secret, Lily is back to […]

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Poonam Jhawar

Indian actress, Poonam Jhawar doesn’t have long list of films in her career but that doesn’t make any difference. The truth is, she is incredibly hot and that is what matters. She started off her career as a fashion model and modelled for brands like […]

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Pia Pakarinen

Pia Pakarinen It’s been quite sometime since we last featured a beauty queen. And this very beautiful and gorgeous titleholder is more than enough to break the silence. Pia Pakarinen is a Finnish beauty queen who won the Miss Suomi in 2011. On that same […]

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Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison This American actress is not just talented, but pretty hot as well. And if you were a fan of the TV series, House, then you must know the gorgeous Dr. Allison Cameron, a character portrayed by Jennifer Morrison. She is also know for […]

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