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Todka Vodka

Hazelnut, toffee and banoffee – not your typical vodka flavors. Todka Vodka explores just that with these flavorful drinks. It’s great drinking straight-up, though a mix isn’t forbidden, especially for the typical, non-vodka drinking crowd you might be hosting. $31.

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Glazed Donut Vodka

If you love both donuts and vodka, better try this drink. The Glazed Donut Vodka is a sweet vodka which is flavored with your favorite donuts. Imagine getting taste of sweet donuts in vodka form. Sweet! You also get to cheat on your diet since […]

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Stoli Hot Vodka

This must be one of the hottest vodkas ever brewed. Stoli Hot Vodka is nothing like the average hot vodka because it’s infused with spicy jalapeno flavor. A shot would surely put some hair on your chest, or if you prefer to sip it slowly, […]

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Don Nacho Reposado

Common knowledge tells us that every other Mexican knows somebody named Nacho, so this drink is quintessentially Mexican. The Don Nacho Reposado comes in a very inviting golden color that’s packed with complex flavors ranging from cashew, vanilla and maple among others. It even comes […]

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Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer

Add a nice scent of botanical aroma with a hint of ginger flavor when you sip this fine Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer. Made from all natural ingredients and blended together using the freshest gingers and spring water with a sweet scent, the Fever-Tree Premium Ginger […]

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21st Amendment Back in Black

On April 18, 1775, Paul Revere rode into the night to warn the patriots of an impending British militia attack. The black of the night is the inspiration for this blend from the 21st Amendment Brewery. The black IPA has 6.8% alcohol by volume with […]

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Jameson Irish Whiskey

What better way to celebrate and get hammered on St. Patty’s Day than a drink that’s quintessentially Irish. Triple distilled since 1780, the Jameson Irish Whiskey is not only smooth, it’s loaded with flavors that only a real Irish drink can deliver. The taste is […]

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Sodra Maltfabriken Beer

Sweden is known for a lot of things like modular furniture and ultra-safe cars. Add awesome beer to the list with these offerings from Sodra Maltfabriken. Buddies Niklas Hjelm and Magnus Mardberg developed three flavors at the moment, under the Sodra Maltfabriken brand. The collection […]

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100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka

For spicy lovers, here’s something that will surely get your attention, a spirit that can level the heat of Habanero or Scotch bonnet chili, the 100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka. This spirit was made from several weeks of infusing vodka with Naga Jolokia, which is […]

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Duff Beer

Refresh your mind by having a nice barbeque party with your buds after a long week of hard work. And once we mention ‘BBQ nights’ and ‘buddies’, it’s a given that things will not be complete without a pack of beers. We can settle for […]

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